Hiram BAYLIS 1840-72. “My Uncle died a Hero. (General)

by HarryBrook @, Tuesday, July 30, 2019, 17:06 (213 days ago) @ Debwolt

The headstones that were removed from their original locations and not used as paving stones and wall copings or, as rumoured, taken away, are still within the churchyard in various piles close to the boundary walls. Only a small proportion of the removed memorials were used for other purposes, or lost completely.

The stones are generally large and heavy and it would be dangerous to try to sort through the piles and very probably not appreciated by the church authorities. Given their age and the type of stone used many of the old memorials are now difficult, if not impossible, to read.

The memorial inscriptions as published by Mr. Rawes, I believe in a loose leaf book form, were, as I believe, in the possession of the Gloucestershire Family History Society and possibly Gloucestershire Archives. Some of the more interesting memorials were photographed by Mr. Rawes and this was noted against the relevant entries in the record. These photographs were deposited at Gloucestershire Archives. Having said that, I could not find details of the recordings or the photos in the Gloucestershire Archives online catalogue.

Gloucestershire Family History Society did, I believe, sell a CD of the memorial inscriptions, but, again, I could not find it now listed in the Society's online shop.

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