Hiram BAYLIS 1840-72. "New Regard" journal article ? (General)

by tuffers64, Cinderford, Wednesday, August 07, 2019, 11:25 (206 days ago) @ admin

As I wrote the article in the New Regard, and therefore I have the copyright to it, I am willing to let anyone use this article to further the story and historical research into the deaths of the four men.

This was not the first time someone was killed in the quarry. A young girl, Ellen Teague, who lived across the other side of the road, was killed 2nd September 1843, by being struck on the head by a stone, weighing two and a half pounds, which was hurled by an explosion in the same quarry. (Ref Morning Post 1st September 1843 - this edition also includes the death of a drunken man, Samson Steele, who fell over the quarry face, whilst in a drunken state, and was found dead the next morning, sometime in 1852)

Quite a few people have died in that quarry

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