Nurse Hannah Head (Taylor) - Funeral report. (General)

by Jan Baker, Tuesday, February 04, 2020, 07:55 (234 days ago) @ Jefff

Hi Jeff
Thank you for your comments. Yes Alice also perished unfortunately, I have managed to see the original documents of the inquest, at the London metropolitan also the documents signed by Alfred identifing their bodies. Very interesting piece of history I new very little about,it is what started me on my family history journey.

Yes you would think Alfred would have avoided the name Alice, seems very strange, the stories told seemed to indicate that the loss effected him badly and his daughter Alice looked after him while Hannah was off nursing the sick, Alice was 30 when she married my Grandfather. My father was also called Alfred.

Elizabeth had several children, Florence, Alexander, James and George, I guess they must have become fairly wealthy to be able to travel backwards and forwards from SA so frequently. Unfortunately Elizabeth did die young in 1895,

I thought the Millbank prison connection may not turn out to be relevant, but it was very interesting to look at the history and yes the location now the Tate. This is what I love about FH it can turn up interesting avenues in social history which are great to follow up.

I will keep looking for the Hannah / Alfred connection in London.

I will be visiting relatives in Chepstow this summer and would like to see if I can find any remaining graves etc for Hannah/ Alfred / Alice, where would you advise to get this information?

Once again I am very grateful that you have taken an interest in my story.

Kindest regards


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