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hello there,

The booklet I got the information from was at the Abergavenny Library also at Monmouth Musuem. 1800's a local tour guide was produce by Heath? (i forgot to take refernces) describing Ralgan Castle, local houses, Harrison at the The Ton Raglan, son of the famous watchmacker. The same authur comments in anther book about Admiral Nelson visit to Monmouth.

The information Madam Pytt moved to Usk, was wrong. I got mixed up with the Great House, Usk the residence of Sir Hopkin Williams she stripped "the Great Houfe of the fine and ancient carved oak wainfot, in order to decorate this at Ragland, part of which intentions fhe only completed; a large quantity was lately lying about the houfe as lumber, which promifed, from the value that was fet upon it, to foon devoted to the oven".

Mr Bowyer, fhopkeeer, of Monmouth that all i've got from Pytt house.Bradney hundred of Ragland, page 73 and 74 mentions quite a bit of the Bowyers. Thank you for the information from the wills. Have you got any thing on William Pitt of Ragland, esq called in his will of Hilston, son of Margaret Pytt. I've got some friends living at Hilston Park.

In 1787 M.P. sold Cross Farm, or Lockley farm for the sum of £450. The deeds mention in 1734 a Indenture between Will Williams and Mary his wife etc, 1752 Articles of Agreesment,nownown as Margaret Pytt only daughter and heir of William Williams (then deceaced) etc,..

1757 Rowland Pytt commisoned maps of his holdings in Monmouthshire, drawn by Ferdinando Statford, This folder is in the National Library of Wales

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