Rowland Pitt/Pytt, Newland (General)

by Cheryl @, Tuesday, January 03, 2006, 00:00 (6771 days ago) @ russell

Hi Russell

I have been searching more information on Rowland Pytt and located four wills that may be of interest to us. They are for Rowland Pytt, 1754, Rowland Pytt, 1756, William Pytt, 1783 and Jane Elizabeth Chaworth, 1814. I can send you copies of the wills and/or the transcripts that I will try to make from the text. It is very difficult handwriting to read

I also have more information on the different activities that Rowland Pytt was engaged in. There were at least three Rowland Pytt's all in a row so I am trying to sort out which is which

Happy New Year

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