Rowland Pitt/Pytt, Newland (General)

by russell, Saturday, November 19, 2005, 03:45 (6816 days ago) @ slowhands

A little bit more research has revealed that Rowland Pytt, had a wire works in Tintern and Redbrook a blast furnace. According to the dairy of R.R. Angerstein 1753-1755 a swedish traveller.

"Redbrook blast furnace ia located a mile from the copper works and belongs to Mr Pitt, who produces 16 to 17 tons per week. The furnace is tapped once every 24 hours. The ore is obtained four miles from here, above Coleford, and costs 8 shillings per ton etc,, With lists of costs. The production is generally 16 tons of pig iron per week and each ton consequently costs 4pounds 11s.1.5d at the furnace".

all the best russell.

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