SINDRY Harry Hill 1841 (General)

by annianduesbury @, Cheltenham, Tuesday, September 27, 2005, 11:28 (5867 days ago) @ slowhands

Thanks for this info'
I have all the other census docs. for this family, usually using the "C" initial letter.(The capital "C" does not seem to occur in my name before the 1800s.)

I have definitely located my family line back to William Sindry,1768-1852 married 1802 to Mary Morgan,1771-1847 at Weston under Penyard. George 1812 was not their son and I have not found any others born around that time in Harry Hill(perhaps he only had sisters).Each census lists him as born in East Dean.

I have tracked Syndry back to late 1500s and have a possible family line upto William 1768. I have a will(quite ledgible)dated 6th June,1731,for a William, also his wife Margaret's July 1731(in Latin, not translated yet)who lived in Lea.I've found names of eight childreen in William's will.The name R. Binstead appears on the second will,but I can't find that name locally.

I lack geographical knowledge of the F.o.D, so I think I must miss logical connections between family groups.

Info'about Syndrys before the 1800's would be appreciated. They seemed to be farmers, sawyers and blacksmiths.

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