Family Name - SINDREY 1841 (General)

by annianduesbury @, Cheltenham, Saturday, November 19, 2005, 18:00 (5814 days ago) @ slowhands

SINDREY (or however they spell it)
I have loads of records of Sindreys mostly in the HEF area of the FOD.Is there anyone out there also researching them? My g.g.grandfather William Sindry b.1811,is well documented in Censuses, but I have the names of others whom I cannot fit into the jigsaw, although none strayed too far. At present I am puzzling over William Sindry b.1818 and Mary Sindry b.1822 in HEF.
Can the William Sindry(sometimes spelt Sendry)b.1809 of Olveston be connected.He was a blacksmith like William b.1811.

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