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by Ann Duesbury @, Monday, August 01, 2005, 07:28 (5924 days ago) @ Michelle Petz

I was pleased to see your info' as I had found your Beatrice but been unable to get further back than 1901. She was a servant for the Treeby family in Cheltenham which is where I live.
My family name,Sindrey has been spelt like this since 1871 when my great grandfather came to Cheltenham via Gloucester, from the Forest of Dean where he had been a blacksmith. He married Mary Ann Smith in 1862 and moved next to her parents in Cheltenham where they had four acres of orchard and a large house. Since this time most of the Sindreys have been in the horticultural industry, but my brother is the last one and he has no children.
I have researched the Syndrys back to about 1600(that was the earliest version) and found at least 15 different ways to spell it. "English as she is spoke" is what they say. I am certain that we are related way back.
I have now checked all the Census documents for Beatrice's family and found that the people transposing these docs. are at fault.
1891 Census listed as Condrey but definitely says Cindrey on the Doc.and Beatrice 1887 is there.
1881 Census listed as Cindery and her father Tom 1859 is listed.(They got it correct that time).
1871 Census says Cowdrey but definitely Cindery on the doc.
1861 Census listed as Scudery, but on the doc,I spy an "i" in the first
syllable and I wouldn't translate it as Scudery.
I found the birth of Beatrice in the England and Wales Civil Registration Index 1837-1983. She is BEATRICE REBECCA CINDERY b.1886 - district East Dean, Westbury on Severn,Gloucestershire. Quite a distinctive name. I searched and found Beatrice Rebecka Cindrey in marriages -June 1908 in Alresford, Hampshire, but no husband's name, her name is printed twice - another error.I found the birth of a baby girl,Ivy Mears born in Alresford Hampshire in Dec. 1908 - shotgun wedding?
I searched through out the Forest of Dean and surrounding areas and could find no Percy Mears there, but located the one in Mitcham Surrey.It was interesting to see that in 1901 he is listed as born 1882 and also his twin brother Douglas. Percy is a railway porter, Douglas is an engine cleaner and older brother Herman 1880 is also a railway porter. Father Maurice 1853 is a decorator and mother is Rachel 1852.
The Forest of Dean is a beautiful tourist area nowadays, but in the old days it was an industrial area, most of the Cinderys seem to have been coal miners. many of the girls went off to be servants, just like Beatrice.

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