Family Name - SINDREY (General)

by Michelle Petz @, ohio, USA, Thursday, July 07, 2005, 14:31 (5947 days ago) @ Ann Duesbury

My great grandmother, Beatrice Cyndrey (cindrey) married Percy/Percival Mears.
My grandfather and one of his siblings daughters said my grandfather lived around Forest of Dean and that Beatrice Cyndrey was from Cinderford.
Percival and Beatrice had the following children.
Reginald "Reg" Mears
Cecil born Aug 4, 1910 came to USA around 1909
Dorothy Mears (married Gus DeBaker) born 1912
Leslie Mears born 1915 in Canada
Clifford Mears born 1918 in Illinois USA
I have no info on either of their parents Percival and Beatrice except that Percivals family was well to do, and he worked as a porter on a train where he found his wife Beatrice, who was a maid on the train, and that his family did not approve.

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