Hale family that lived at the Pludds (General)

by May @, Forest of Dean, Monday, March 07, 2005, 22:16 (7037 days ago) @ Karl Lamb


I have been following this thread with interest as an elderly neighbour of mine is a daughter of Thomas Hale from High Beech. I have spoken to her today and she confirms what she has told me before about her family and that she would like to know more about them. If you think there is a connection please be in touch, "Veda" will be delighted.

Here is what info I have

Tom Hale
2 Alan
3 Johnny
4 Laura
5 Charlotte.

TOM married Caroline (from a Cornish family who had come to the Forest)
They went to Illinois
1 Albert was born in USA
Then Toms father died, and so Tom the eldest son, his pregnant wife Caroline and their son Albert, came back as TOM had inherited the property.
Later children were
2 Frank
3 George
4 Elveda Dolores Caroline (there a story to this name)
5 Joan
6 Joseph
7 John (died as a baby)
8 Frank.

They were a mining family.

I have noticed that some of these names occur elsewhere in the "thread" and if you think there is a connection I will ask Veda for some dates. Veda, who is in her eighties now, knows my hobby is genealogy and has often spoken of both her father's family from High Beech and her mother's family from Truro.


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