Hale family that lived at the Pludds (General)

by May @, Wednesday, March 09, 2005, 21:03 (6984 days ago) @ slowhands

Thank you for your interest,

I believe there may be a link here. Whilst I can't confirm any dates until I see Veda again I have worked it back thus

From memory, Elveda Dolores Caroline was born about 1917.

It was her parents who went to Illonois (1912?), had one child there and returned to UK soon after Tom 's father died (in UK). They then had more children, including Veda, born here.

Veda's father was Tom Hale and so was his father. I will enquire about others who went to Illonois at this time, as she has said in the past that she may have relatives (long lost) still in America, and get back to you. Maybe some stayed behind.

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