Another Hale family Pludds -branch (General)

by Jim Ashton @, Weston Super Mare, England, Friday, May 20, 2005, 13:02 (6964 days ago) @ slowhands

The Jane who married Edmund Hale b. 1804 was Jane dubberley, baptised Ruardean 8.6.1806, they married Ruardean 7.11.1829. she daughter of John Dubberley baptised Ruardean 5.11.1780 died 28.5.1827 buried Ruardean 30.5.1827 & Jane Bennett born 1775 buried Ruardean 28.10.1852. Jane had 3 siblings, including William 1818/1825 dates available, Fanny born 27.8.1811 baptised Ruardean 27.10.1811, she married Richard Read born 1814 Dudley Staffs - they had 9 children - details of all available. Janes other sibling John baptised Ruardean 26.6.1808 buried Ruardean 6.4.1862 married Mary Harper born 1812 buried Ruardean 15.10.1860. They had 6 children - details of all available, my connection is with William baptised Ruardean 21.6.1840 died 24.12.1894 buried Ruardean 27.12.1894 who married Ellen Brain baptised 17.6.1836 Ruardean. They had 8 children including Joseph born 1866 who married Elizabeth Ann Merrick Marfellborn 1866 - my main interest is the Marfell Family. John Dubberley & Mary Harper also had a son Miles born 20.8.1853 who married Ellen Harper born 19.8.1852 who was the daughter of Richard Harper and Mary Marfell.

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