Hale family that lived at the Pludds (General)

by May @, Tuesday, March 15, 2005, 23:19 (7029 days ago) @ Karl Lamb

Hello again,

I have been to see Veda again today and we have made the connection with your William Hale (1871 census )

William's brother Tom was born 1855 and he is Veda's ancestor thus-

1901 census High Beech Lodge Civil Parish of East Dean
Thomas Hale Head Coal Miner age 46 b Gloucester(shire?)
Martha Wife 42 b Monmouth
Thomas Son 16 Coal miner b Glos Pludds
Frank Son 14 Coal miner b Glos Pludds
Leonard Son 12 - b Glos Pludds
Laura H. Dau 9 - b Glos Pludds
Allen Son 6 - b Glos Pludds
Johnathan Son 4 - b Glos Pludds
Albert Son 6M - b Glos Pludds.

It is Thomas the eldest son in this family (b 1885) that is Veda's father.
He went to Illinois, where he met and married Olga Maud from Truro Cornwall. Their eldest son Albert was born in America and then Toms father died and the family had to return to the Forest as there was property left to them. When they came home they swapped houses with a family called Eddy who wished to emigrate to USA and this is how they came to be at Joys Green which is another village between Lydbrook and High Beech, Hawsley and The Pludds.

I started her off talking about one of the the names on the 1871 census and she then started to "rattle off" some of the other names and what happened to them -
"Aunty Caroline married a Morgan and they built a big house on Rocks Road Joys Green - its now a shop" and the village Post Office.
"Aunty Charlotte married a Stephens and they lived down the Lime Kilns on Forge Hill. They had two boys Will and Lewis"

It is quite usual for older generation female relatives to be called Auntie even though they are probably Great Aunts. We don't stand on ceremony too much in the Forest.

I mentioned the other Hales on the 1901 census (re message from Slowhands) and she did remember a Kathleen Hale " but she didn't go to Joys Green School. She thinks that family were from Timber Tump (another hamlet in the same area) and mentioned another daughter Merris (or is it spelt Merys) and a son Mostyn Hale.

Then Veda started talking about her brothers and sisters, but I'll leave that for now.

Veda was born 1919 and is a lovely lady to talk to. You wouldn't guess she is 86, she certainly doesn't look it and has a very lively mind. I have some digging to do now as she wants to know about the property that was inherited. Perhaps I'll take her to the Record Office one day - she would enjoy that. I could certainly take her to High Beech House(Lodge) as the present owners are friends of mine.

Hope this is of some interest and use to you.


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