My family of St. Briavels (General)

by Deborah B Asbell ⌂ @, My family of St. Briavels, Wednesday, March 09, 2005, 11:00 (6847 days ago)


My grandparents lived just down the lane from the local school. My mother was Bridget, known as Biddy, Andrews. Her mother was Florence and my Grandfather was a Navy Surgeon, first name Octavius. They are buried at the Church. We lived very close to the Wildings and I was friends with Mary and Margaret. Iw as also friends with Dr. Eskells children named Jonathan, Simon, and Victoria.

I may return this summer and would love to hear from anyone in St. Briavels. My 3 children, of course, never knew their great grandparents. What a really lovely place St. Briavels is. Do you still have the Church fate in the Spring?

Deborah in Indiana

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