My family of St. Briavels BEARD/BAKER/LEWIS (General)

by Joy Mrchant @, Thursday, September 22, 2011, 22:10 (4090 days ago) @ fez4180

How lovely to hear from you, If you grew up on Close turf farm. Are you one of Pam and Geoff's children. If so I wonder if you would remember living next to Aunty Ruby where you once played with my children, when we stayed with Ruby. Probably not that was in 1968 or 9.
Im so glad Aunty Kath is doing well. She and Ruby and Edie were so good to me when I was a child and ran around with the tribe in my school holidays. Pam and I still exchange xmas cards and I get some of the family news from cousin Jean. who is very faithful in keeping in touch. God Bless..... from Joy

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