My family of St. Briavels BEARD/BAKER/LEWIS (General)

by Susan Cuff, Sunday, September 25, 2011, 17:01 (4087 days ago) @ Joy Mrchant

Hello Joy,

My name is Susan Cuff (nee Baker) I am Kath and Howard's youngest daughter, my son Damian made me aware of this site and it was he who responded to you in an earlier post.

I grew up at close turf with Pamela, Wendy, John, David, Brian and Elizabeth and I am glad to say we are all still around and healthy. I no longer live in the area but regularly visit my Mum Kath and all of the others still live in and around Mum. You are aware that Brian now runs the farm. Did you ever go to 'bread and cheese' on whitSunday at St Briavels? I can still remember as plain as if it was only yesterday Aunty Nue (Muriel) and Uncle Billy. It was lovely to see the posts and remember the Family mentioned. Take care. Susan.

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