Brick wall with Richard Baynham (General)

by Frank Baynham @, Monday, February 21, 2005, 00:01 (7095 days ago)

For quite some time I had a brick wall with my great grandfather, Richard Baynham.

I’d found him listed in the 1901 census, aged 46, with his wife Judith Hawkins Baynham (also a brick wall which has recently crumbled) and family. It says he was born in Gloucestershire but I was never able to find any record of a Richard Baynham born around the right time.

Then I started looking in the Gloucester gaol records and found Richard Baynham aged 25 of Coleford, committed to Gloucester Prison on
22 April 1878.

Right age, could this be him?

My next inspiration was to look in the Gloucester Journal held on microfilm in the Gloucester Central Library.

In an unusually comprehensive report of the trial, tucked away near the end was this nugget: “Prisoner asked D.C.C. Chipp to "speak for" him.
Mr. Chipp said that "the best he could say for the man was that he was not dishonest. He had the misfortune to be born in Littledean prison, and appeared to have been mixed up in rows all his life. Foresters were in the habit of getting him to fight for them.”

I was then able to look at the records of Littledean House of Correction and found that one Elizabeth Baynham had been sentenced to two months hard labour for stealing bark from the Forest. The Matron's Journal 1849-54 shows Elizabeth on light duties, washing/cleaning.
16th August 1851 admitted to infirmary
17th August 1851 "Confined of a male child."
30th August "Discharged this morning, her conduct very good.

I’m still having problems getting further back but have found her family, she was a Rosser, and her husband James aged 46 (born in Lea Bailey). That was in the 1851 Coleford census.

Now all I need to do is find a record of his birth, parents etc.... That's my new brick wall. Any ideas?

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