Enoch Baynham (1836- ?) son of James & Elizabeth Baynham (General)

by jenanne, Monday, February 04, 2008, 08:25 (5922 days ago) @ Don Cameron

Dear Don,

I recently found the discussion on this site re. Enoch Baynham, Elizabeth Luff Hulin and her mother Amelia Hulin. I found it very interesting and the information has enabled me to add more to my family background.

You wrote that, from your research, Enoch Baynham married Elizabeth Luff Hulin in 1856 in Monmouth. They had at least two children: Philip George Baynham (1856 - ?) and Alfred Baynham (1859 - 1909). Elizabeth Luff HULIN was aka Elizabeth Luff BAYNHAM. Her mother was Amelia Hulin.

Timothy Baynham was my great-great grandfather. Elizabeth Hulin/Baynham had Philip & Alfred and went on to have Timothy. She and Enoch must have divorced, because by 1871 she was Mrs. Jeffries and had another child. Enoch was living in the Midlands and either living with or married to another woman.

Timothy Baynham married Edna Heritage - their daughter was Lilly Baynham, my great
grandmother. They moved from the Monmouth area to the Pontypool area, South Wales .

Thanks for the leads.

Jennifer Scott.

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