Enoch Baynham (1836- ?) son of James & Elizabeth Baynham (General)

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Well there is some doubt here because this Enoch has a different wife. Unless of course Elizabeth Luff Hulin had died after the birth of Alfred in 1859. There is also the possibility of there being two Enoch Baynham, but I've not found two in my research. Do you know of any other Enoch Baynhams?

Yet looking at my database;

In the 1861 Census of England and Wales Amelia Hulin was recorded as follows;

1861 Census - Monmouth, Monmouthshire, Wales RG 9/3987 - 86 - 12 - 77

Alms House Street

Amelia Hulin head of household, widowed female aged 50, Lodging House Keeper, born St Briavels, Gloucestershire; her daughter Elizabeth Baynham married female aged 26, Seamstress, born Llandogo, Monmouthshire; Philip George Baynham, grandson aged 5, Scholar, born Monmouth, Monmouthshire; Alfred Baynham grandson aged 17 months, born Monmouth, Monmouthshire; Jane Hulin unmarried daughter aged 15, House Servant, born Monmouth, Monmouthshire.

So that puts pay to my idea that Elizabeth was deceased.

Don Cameron

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