Enoch Baynham (1836- ?) son of James & Elizabeth Baynham (General)

by luddite_jean, Friday, April 27, 2007, 12:29 (6299 days ago) @ Don Cameron

Sorry to bring up an old topic, but I've just joined and a search on LUFF brought up this thread.

I wonder if this Amelia/Elizabeth is even more complicated. I have an Amelia MORGAN married to a William LUFF in 1827. They had 2 daughters and one son - Anne, Elizabeth and Philip, all born Llandogo. By 1841 William has disappeared, but in Llandogo is an Amelia HULIN with daughter Ann. I wonder if Amelia MORGAN married William LUFF, but he died, she married again, becoming HULIN, so Elizabeth became Elizabeth LUFF HULIN - she is a similar age as the one you mention. Elizabeth was originally baptised Elizabeth Luff in 1831, she could have been re-baptised as Elizabeth LUFF HULIN when her mother remarried.

William LUFF was a fisherman, and Amelia HULIN is described as a fish merchant.

It might be worth looking further into this possible scenario.


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