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If you use the website


and look for a birth of a child : surname: THOMAS, mother's maiden name LLOYD

you will find Edward THOMAS - 1839 - Forest of Dean, Westbury on Severn - Newnham (J/F/M Qtr 1839 WOS- FreeBDM)

As there was an Edward THOMAS c1838 in Newent, parents Henry & Elizabeth, the census returns will need some work! - I think this Edward THOMAS went 'North' looking at the census'

For Starters

On the 1881 census, for Middx. Chiswick we have

7 Avenue Terrace

Edward THOMAS - age 42, Stoker Oil Mills - born Glos. Newnham
Jane THOMAS - age 44 - born Surrey, Trentham or Trensham

(there is a Jane THOMAS on the 1901 census, Surrey, Leatherhead, age 67 Widow - born Trensham, Surrey)


1851 Census, Staffordshire, Wednesbury
Rufsell Street

(think this could be Edward THOMAS, from a wealthy family - born Newnham)

Rufsell Street

William MILES, 32, National School Master, born Radnorshire
Mary MILES - wife - born Glos. Frampton
Maria SMITH - sister-in-law umnmarried, age 30 - born Frampton
Maria WILSON, 16 H/S. Derby
Edward THOMAS, Scholar, Boarder, age 11, born Glos. Newham

1841 Census, Horsley

Susan THOMAS - 25 - Indp
Edward THOMAS - 2


At the moment, can't see Edward 1861/1871 census c1839, England (only CLDS - in Canada/America)

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