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by jimashton @, Saturday, September 03, 2011, 17:01 (3304 days ago) @ jimashton

Correction to my posting regarding Elizabeth Sophia Thomas's children, now 8 not 9.

I have received an email from Geraint Briscoe who has added to this thread relating to George H Briscoe, which I picked up from the 1891 Census :

1891 Census West Dean
William Briscoe 64 Crown Keeper ireland
Mary Ann 73 Cinderford
Elizabeth S Thomas niece 35 dress Maker Newnham
George H Briscoe nephew 16 West Dean
Elizabeth S Thomas niece 10 West Dean
John W nephew 9 West Dean
Mirah A niece 8 West Dean
William nephew 6 West Dean
Jane S 5 niece West Dean
Randle nephew 4 West Dean
Martin H nephew 2 West Dean
Owen R nephew 1 West Dean

Hi Jim,
Thanks for clearing that up. OK now I get the George H Briscoe you mean. I have researched him and he really was William Briscoe's nephew. His father was Richard Briscoe brother of William, and Richard commited suicide in Abergavenny Lunatic Asylum in 1883. The son George must have been taken in by his uncle.

Regards Geraint.

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