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Answering a number of responses.

There is a formula for working out relationships which accords with a shared grand or great grand parent. But I just let my computer software work it out !!

Elizabeth Sophia Mountjoy Thomas born 9 Aug 1855 was the mother of the 9 children but she never married. She died in 1892 still as Elizabeth Sophia Thomas

Year: 1892
Month: Jan
Day: 10
Surname: THOMAS
Forenames: Elizabeth Sophia
Residence: Valletts Lodge
Age_at_death: 37
Officiating_Minister: C.Barnes Vicar
Event: Burial
Register_Reference: PFC82 IN 1/14
Page_No: 102
Parish_Chapel: Christchurch.

I have already mentioned 3 of Elizabeth Sophia Thomas’s children, those that are subsequently related to me by marriage. Detailed below is some information about the other 6 :

George H Thomas born 1875

Mira Annie Thomas born 1883 married Frank Scrivens born 1884 Stroud on 12 Apr 1909. 2 children Kathleen Annie 1909 and Cecil J 1916

William Thomas born 24th Apr 1884 Married Beatrice Wood born 11 Sep 1881on 13 Nov 1911 4 children – Phyllis May 1912, Elsie 8 Feb 1914, Leslie Randolph 16 Jun 1916, William Emrys 2 May 1919.

Jane Sophia Thomas born 1885

Randolph Thomas born 22 Nov 1886, Emigrated to USA 1906, appears on the 1930 census for Wayne Michigan. Died 21 May 1971, Trenton, Michigan

Martin Henry Thomas born 16 May 1888 a.k.a. Matthew. Emigrated to USA 1913 and lived in Detroit, Michigan, appears on the 1930 census for Wayne Michigan. Died 12 Feb 1960 Detroit, Michigan.

I am certainly not making judgements about Elizabeth Sophia Thomas's illegitimate children and her relationship with William Briscoe. I have a lot of illegitimate children in my Family Tree. Some of which have "Bastard" on their baptism record. One of my own great grandfathers was illegitimate and I only discovered comparatively recently that he had 2 illegitimate siblings. In the UK the number of children born to unmarried mothers now exceed those born in marriage.

Jim Ashton

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