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In answer to the first part of your question - Yes !! See earlier census details :

1841 Census
HO 107 / 364 /8 folio 9
Little Dean Lodge

William BRISCOE 63 Forest Keeper
Johanna 36
William 17
Henary 15
Richard 13
Edward 10
John 5
Catherine 8
Jane 2
Elizabeth 6m

All except Jane and Elizabeth born out of country, I ( Ireland)

1851 East Dean
BRISCOE William 26 Woodman Ireland
Sophia 27 East Dean
William 3 East Dean
John 1 East Dean

1861 West Dean
William Briscoe abt 1825 Ireland Head
Sophia Briscoe abt 1825 Newland Wife
Elizabeth Ann Briscoe abt 1856 East Dean Daughter
George Richard Briscoe abt 1853 East Dean Son
John Frederick Briscoe abt 1850 East Dean Son
Mary Ann Briscoe abt 1859 East Dean Daughter
Sophia Briscoe abt 1855 East Dean Daughter
William Edward Briscoe abt 1848 Newland Son

This is a very complicated story - and bear in mind that only 3 of the children in my previous posting are related to me. However, I usually research siblings and parents of spouses and sometimes get carried away.

William Briscoe 1825 son of William Briscoe 1795 Kilkenny, Ireland and Johanna Aylward 1803 Newmarket, Ireland. William had 8 siblings - but I am not going to list them. William Briscoe 1825's first marriage was on 4 Nov 1846 to Sophia Mountjoy 1823 (baptised age 4)they had 8 children. Sophia died 30 Jun 1861. He then married her older sister Mary Ann Mountjoy 1817 on 21 Oct 1861 (Grass Growing & Feet springs to mind). No children, but she had previously been married to John Thomas 1827 on 7 Jun 1853, 2 children Mirah 1858 and Elizabeth Sophia Mountjoy 1855. I don't know what happened to Mirah.

William Briscoe 1795 was the son of Henry Briscoe 1763 Kilkenny, Ireland and Jayne Hayes. As we are now a very long and convoluted way away from the 3 illegitimate children of Elizabeth Sophia Mountjoy 1855, you may not be surprised to learn that I have not researched further back.

Jim Ashton

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