Ancestors of Edward BALDWIN 1821 - Cornelius BALDWIN (c1794) (General)

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I'm not sure of Slowhands assertion of expertise, I have recently changed one of my lines of Baldwin's due to a posting on this web site. See below $$

My main interest is the Marfell family but I follow siblings and parents of spouses and sometimes get carried away by several generations, but this inevitably leads to other connections. Edward Baldwin is a case in point, he is not related to me, but his second marriage at Westbury on Severn Register Office on 9 Mar 1890 was to a Mary Ann Marfell nee Cloudley 1824/1899 :

1851 Census Ruardean (next to parents)
Edward 31
Lydia 30
Cornelius 10
Eliza 8
John 2

1861Census East Dean
Edward Baldwin abt 1819 Ruardean, Head
Lydia Baldwin abt 1800 Ruardean, Wife
Cornelius Baldwin abt 1840 Ruardean, Son
Eliza Baldwin abt 1843 Ruardean, Daughter
John Baldwin abt 1851 Ruardean, Son
Louisa Baldwin abt 1856 Ruardean Daughter

1891 Nelson Green
Edward Baldwin abt 1818 Ruardean, Head Gloucestershire
Mary Baldwin abt 1824 Mitcheldean, Wife

1901 Upper Bilson
Edward Baldwin abt 1817 Ruardean Hill,

Mary Ann nee Cloudley was already a 2nd cousin 5 times removed, before her marriage to William Marfell, my 1st cousin 4 times removed. William Marfell & Mary had 14 children before he died 12 May 1879 :

1851 Census Ruardean Herefordshire
William 28 Ruardean Coal Miner
Mary 26 Ruardean
Elizabeth 8 Ruardean
Louisa 6 Ruardean
Matilda 4 Ruardean
Rosaling 3 mths Ruardean

1861 Census East Dean
RG9 1755 182
William 39 Coal Works Manager East Dean
Mary 39 East Dean
Elizabeth 18 East Dean
Matilda 15 East Dean
Ellen 10 East Dean
Alfred 8 East Dean
William 3 East Dean
Mary 3 East Dean
Jane 1 East Dean
Charlotte 1 East Dean

1871 Census Bridge Inn East Dean
William 50 Coal Miner Ruardean
Mary 48 Stenders East Dean
Alfred 18 Ruardean Haulier
William 13 Ruardean Haulier
Jane 11 Little Dean Hill
Richard 6 Cinderford
Charlotte 4 Cinderford
Ellen 2 Cinderford

Edward Baldwin 1821's first marriage was to Lydia, but I do not know her surname and would be interested if anyone knows.

In my version of events, I have Edward Baldwin as the son of Cornelius Baldwin 1794 & Elizabeth Preece 1788 married 11 Aug 1816 8 children.

I have Cornelius as the son of Charles Baldwin 1755 & Elizabeth Dovey 1759 - daughter of William Dovey 1725/1795 & Elizabeth Tingle 1732/1790. The will of William Dovey of Ruardean 1795 refers to son-in-law Charles Baldwin. Elizabeth Tingle 1732 had a sister Sarah 1718 who married James Waldin 1712. Their daughter Sarah Waldin 1746 married Thomas Baldwin 1746, son of James Baldwin & Betty. A case of getting carried away - however - Thomas Baldwin 1746 & Sarah Waldin had a son Moses 1777 who 5 times Great Aunt Lucy Marfell 1775 and 2 of their 4 children married people already related to me.

Getting back to Charles Baldwin 1755 I have him as the son of Charles Baldwin 1737 & Betty. Charles Baldwin 1755 & Elizabeth Dovey had 11 children, including Winifred Baldwin 1797 who married Amos Yemm 1796 - 9 children & 3 of them married Marfell's, 3 others lead to other relatives of mine. Another of Charles Baldwin 1755 & Elizabeth Dovey's children $$ William Baldwin 1791 married Hannah Bailey 1789 and the thread shown below caused me to change my family tree :

It is a long thread, so I will paste in the relevant item dated 22 July 2012 and avoid confusion by changing it to italics :


It is rare to have such a nice day, so I will not be on line for long. But for continuity of the thread, and possible assistance from Slowhands !!

Thank you for your email, although I do have Ancestry membership I could not seem to get into your Public Access Bertha Baldwin 1891 Tree. Noting a few trees based upon this person, I looked at them and it has caused me to rethink my line here. I now believe that the William Baldwin who married Hannah Bailey was in fact William Baldwin baptised 16 Oct 1791, son of Charles Baldwin 1755 & Elizabeth Dovey 1759. The Ancestry tree's attribute the William Baldwin who married Hannah Bailey as being the son of Charles Baldwin 1737 & Betty, but I believe this is missing a generation. Charles Baldwin 1755 I mention above is the son of Charles Baldwin 1737 & Betty.

Another factor which causes me to believe this, is that one witness of the wedding between William Baldwin & Hannah Bailey was Winifred Baldwin. William Baldwin 1791, son of Chales Baldwin & Elizabeth Dovey, had a sister Winifred. The other witness was Charles Baldwin and he had a father and brother Charles.

I did note the deaths of William Baldwin & Hannah Baldwin nee Bailey from posted death certificates did occur on the same day but 21st January 1863, not as I previously said 1st January.

Always wishing to be as accurate as possible, I will - but not today and waste the sun - amend my tree as above.

Jim Ashton

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