Ancestors of Edward BALDWIN 1821 - Cornelius BALDWIN (c1794) (General)

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I hope the information I provided is useful, because the information you have provided - i.e. Edward Parsons first wife is very useful to me. I have Lydia Parsons in my family tree - not related. Mary is the daughter of James Parsons - as on your marriage certificate - and Mary Parker 1798 married 5 Aug 1815 English Bicknor. 9 Children includng Lydia of course and Timothy 1816 who married Ann Hall 1822 - 9 children, including Rhoda 1849 who married my 1st cousin 3 times removed Cornelius Brain 1848 son of Simeon Brain 1819 & Ann Marfell 1824. Another sibling of Lydia's was James 1823 who married Theophilia Meredith 1826 - 8 children, including Mary 1847 who married Timothy Yemm 1847, son of Amos Baldwin Yemm 1819 & Rebecca Marfell 1816. Amos Baldwin Yemm is the son of Amos Yemm & Winifred Baldwin- sister of Cornelius 1794. Another sibling of Lydia's is Benjamin Parsons 1825 who married my 6th cousin 3 times removed Jane Tippins 1833, their daughter Mirrium 1857 married my 7th cousin twice removed William Wilce 1843. If you go back 4 generations from Jane Tippins 1833 you of course get back to another Marfell, I do not bother to mention my relationship to any Marfell as I am related to them all. If you can go back far enough, you cannot fail to be.

Going back to James Parsons 1794 - father of Lydia, his parents are Thomas Parsons 1770 and Lucy Baldwin 1771 whose parents are Thomas Baldwin 1746 & Sarah Waldin 1746 who were mentioned in my previous posting. Parents of Thomas Parsons 1770 are John Parsons & Mary Amphley.

I have the same ancestors as you have noted for Charles Baldwin 1737 & Betty (no idea what her surname is) - James Baldwin 1693 & Sarah Barnard 1699 married 27 Dec 1719 - 12 children. I only have info on one other of those children Ankrat Baldwin 1743 who married Robert Hatton 1744, if you go through 3 generations there are 2 children that married relatives of mine. I have the parents of James Baldwin 1693 as Charles Baldwin & Elizabeth Lamb 5 children, the other I have an interest in is Warren Baldwin 1689 who I believe is the father of James Baldwin who married Betty Brain 22 May 1743 - parents of Thomas Baldwin 1746 who is mentioned above.

I too have Cheasey Baldwin 1799 as a son of Charles Baldwin & Elizabeth Dovey. You mention 10 children, I have 11 - Hannah 1779, Betty 1781, Charles 1783, James 1785, Amelia 1787, Richard 1789, William 1791-21 Jan 1863, Cornelius 1794, Winifred 1797, Cheasey 1799, Thomas 1803.

Jim Ashton

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