Descendants of the Turnbull family of Sparrow Hill, Coleford (General)

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Hi Roger,
thanks for posting, I hope you're well ?.

Yes I did know about Robert F Mushet, thanks. My problem was trying to place a Thomas Mushet, however for completely understandable reasons we now know it was actually Robert not Thomas who RookAncestry's ancestors worked with.

Thanks too for the website link. You probably already know of the Grace's Guide to British Industrial History. It's one of my favourite websites when researching old British engineering companies. I especially like it as it gives links to other parts (trade names) of each business throughout their history. I find it really interesting when looking up some of the famous old household British brand-names I grew-up with, and still exist albeit only in brand-label form sadly. Companies like Decca, Pye, Ferguson and Pifco (which I'm afraid as kids we thought a rather funny name akin to Acme of cartoon fame, and hence the brunt of some unfounded jokes...). Grace's Guide also taught me that despite wondering if GEC (General Electric Company) was originally an American brand, if fact it most definitely started life in London, having been set-up by German-Jewish immigrants in the 1880s. Great history !

Here's the Mushet page, which also links to Samuel Osborn as per RookAncestry's post.

atb Jeff.

PS Roger, I learnt about Bessemer's process at Cinderford Tech college during my apprenticeship, what a shame they didn't mention Mushet !!. Soon after I spent a summer working at Ranks' Welwyn Garden City site north of London, which I saw was on an industrial area along "Bessemer Road" - I found that it was indeed named after Sir Henry Bessemer who was born in the area, his family history makes very interesting reading too.

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