Descendants of the Turnbull family of Sparrow Hill, Coleford (General)

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Agree with you Roger so last post from me on this thread.

Correct re mil vehicles and air pressure, same as underground bunkers. Early in my career in aerospace engineering c1987 I spent time in the environmental testing facilities at the BAe Weybridge factory, aka the old Vickers factory on the Brooklands race track where Barnes Wallis worked of course. And a bit later at RAE Farnboro with their huge wind tunnels. Thank goodness for the likes of him and your father.
Stating the obvious but please beware of so many of the YT vids as they are often full of biased propaganda depending on who created them, but lacking common sense etc, but yes German industry and science led the world in many ways then. Luckily for us they were "led" by a complete idiot, who encouraged several to independently work on a scheme without knowing or working with others who were doing the same thing and so possibly solving the problems the others were struggling with. And all on schemes tht were clearly madcap and pointless. If one halfdecent engineer with a systematic approach and good management! had been in charge it could have all ended so very differently. Eg lookup the Stuttgart wind cannon, or visit the huge V3 site near Calais which was destroyed by one of BW's Tallboys; both utterly ludricous. Which is why for example the Allies soon gave-up on cruise missiles guided by onboard pigeons(yes, honestly). However never forget that it was indeed British men like Frank Whittle who were first to have practical jet engine designs, not the Germans, but it was our own more reserved "sensible" Air Ministry who decided not to let him progress the work until the Germans had shown it was worthwhile and necessary. Similarly the Americans tell us their Bell X1 was the first supersonic aircraft, yet it's design was laregly gifted them by the British Government from our own Miles Aircraft, just as we gave them RR jet engines a few years later....

Take care, J.

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