Descendants of the Turnbull family of Sparrow Hill, Coleford (General)

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Whitecliffe Ironworks on Wikipedia states

'1798 Whitecliff Ironworks ..... by 1808 most of the original partners sold their shares - and Whitecliff was now owned by Thomas HALFORD, James TEAGUE, Isaiah BIRT and WICKENDEN.

As my Ancestors are the WICKENDEN's who arrived in the Forest 18th century - I've never found out which WICKENDEN owned the Shares - as no Christian name is quoted (there were only JOHN and WILLIAM, and a sister Susannah) + earlier deaths of WICKENDEN's

Of a couple of brothers, my line is John WICKENDEN who married Ann STEPHENS in 1777.

His brother, William WICKENDEN married Sarah SAMUEL by Licence - 5 December 1785 - but can't see the Licence transcribed in the Forest of Dean Records -

William & Sarah WICKENDEN has two children christened at Blakeney Chapel - 5 April 1795, John & Susanna

Just a bit more info on 'WICKENDEN'

Part Two of a History of the Whitecliff Ironworks in the Forest of Dean :

Mentions : WICKENDEN 7 times - seems to be in the Paint Trade - my line John WICKENDEN who died in 1808 was a Farmer in Awre.

'His popularity with HALFORD and MUSHET declined towards 1810'

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