Descendants of the Turnbull family of Sparrow Hill, Coleford (General)

by RogerrGriffiths @, Swindon, Thursday, September 27, 2018, 08:03 (481 days ago) @ Jefff

Hello Jeff,

Fine thanks and trust you are. I looked up Mushet name and they seem to have been based in different parts of the Country. Ours may have come from Scotland to Dean, perhaps to experiment in steel. There is/was a biggish looking house at Ellwood. Clearwell caves nearby.

Must read is Industrial History of Dean by Cyril hart, but I expect you know that well.

My father was an industrial chemist, Nobel and ICI start to finish. He had two patents in March 1942. One for improvements to self sealing fuel tanks for RAF aircraft and howabout this, mustard gas proof battle dress even if perforated. Self sealing battle dress! he never told me, my mother mentioned he had patents. I put his name in Google a couple of years ago and the patents came up. Can't find the entry now.

During the World Cup, BBC Radio kept saying that Nizhny Novgorod was a closed area in Soviet times (Gorky then). I tried unsuccessfully to contact BBC Radio, no e-mail addresses and no phone numbers. My father was there in 1959! Gaz Auto factory. They presented him with a car mascot on a plinth, a running deer? which is also the City symbol. Then, there were armed Militia (police), two women in berets, Russian shirts, skirts, marching boots and the inevitable ppsh sub machine guns.

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