Evelyn Harris - Born about 1908 in Cheltenham area (General)

by Ladies, Tuesday, February 05, 2019, 15:44 (1279 days ago)

Hope someone will be able to help with the very difficult Harris Family. So so many of them!!

Cant definitely figure out anything about the above lady.

Her parents were 1868 Henry R Harris & 1874 Jessie Emma Hall, who in 1911 were living at 29 Upper Norwood Street, Cheltenham with their 3 children.

I am looking for whatever info someone might be able to find on Evelyn and her sister, 1905 Olive Harris, born in Cleeve Hill and 1900 Ernest Harris, born in Malvern Wells, Worcs.

The 1911 Census says 5 children born, 4 still living but i have only been able to find the three children i have mentioned.

Very grateful for any help

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