Evelyn Harris - Born about 1908 in Cheltenham area (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Thursday, February 07, 2019, 01:57 (1278 days ago) @ Ladies

Re the surnames, its taken me ten years of researching, but now I'm never surprised just how many people, or family groups, who have similar names that I might have thought were unusual/rare, and then turn out to be not particularly linked to the people I knew or were researching, all just coincidence. Some names are naturally "rare" in one area, yet very common in another. But that said, yes very often if you go back far enough, you can find that these people who may never have any dealings with, or even knowledge of someone nowadays, do actually share common ancestry 3 or 4 generations back.

Re your last point, in theory this website/forum is not just confined to Gloucestershire, as per your comment, but is really confined to just the Forest of Dean part of it. When I first joined the forum 10 years ago that rule was quite strictly enforced by admin, but less so these days. Ideally of course, the post should have links to the Forest, at least to start with, as we know that Foresters have often moved around the county, country and even world for work in the past.

atb Jeff

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