Evelyn Harris - Born about 1908 in Cheltenham area (General)

by Ladies, Thursday, February 07, 2019, 10:36 (990 days ago) @ Jefff

My main source of research is Ancestry. I am also a member of a couple of Genealogy Forums, very like this. Their members are from all over the world so often have easier access to their own countries records.

I also check other public family history trees but have to be wary when doing this as not all trees are correct.

I absolutely agree with all your observations re family history research which makes it both extremely frustrating but at the same time truly amazing if you can find lots of information.

I have found the records you have mentioned for The Harris Family and i believe they are all related in some way (brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles etc)

I am in contact with a lady in Melbourne on one of the forums and she is going to see what she can find out.

Once again, Jeff, thank you so much for taking the time to help me and i absolutely understand that this forum is only for researching Forest of Dean Area.

I will release you from your researching on my behalf on this occasion lol!!! Although, there may be future occasions as my husband's family are from the Kempley, Dymock area of Gloucestershire. So you never know. Watch this space


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