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by kandi, Wednesday, November 13, 2019, 14:28 (379 days ago) @ Peter Preece

Hello Peter,

Thank you for the book recommendations -I have managed to source both.

I wonder if you know anything about Arnold (Garbett) Meyrick? I am finding him quite tricky to follow...this is what I have:

Arnold Merrick (born 1804) in Kingstone, Herefordshire to Arnold Merrick and Margaret Baugh; Arnold's parents were John Merrick and Susannah (nee Baker); John's parents were Aristarchus of Thruxton and Mary Hallett.

Arnold (who added the Garbett to his name later in life - I understand where this comes from) married Priscilla Mary Duffield from Buckinghamshire. The marriage took place in Oxford in 1848 and I have followed their descendants easily enough.

According to their marriage certificate Arnold was a widower. I thought I had found his first wife as Anne Wilson (married in Manchester Cathedral 1845); Arnold was listed as a widower here too.

However, there is another Arnold Merrick born around 1803/1804 and living in Thruxton. He is shown on a number of other trees as having married three times - Anne Wilson, Matilda Coxhead and Frances. He is also shown on these trees as the son of Arnold and Margaret (nee Baugh).

I'm assuming there are a number of cross-overs occurring - do you have info that would help me?


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