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The butler Arnold's children with Matilda:
Arnold Merrick baptised 21 Apr 1830 st Marys Lambeth, buried 22 Mar 1833
Horace Merrick born 20 Dec 1832 buried 24 Nov 1833
Matilda Anne Merrick born 12 May 1834 and probably buried under the name Ann Merrick 24 Jan 1835
Margaret Merrick (Maggie) born 20 Nov 1835 died 2 Feb 1878 Chewton Aus
Hubert Merrick born 6 Aug 1837 buried 22 March 1840
Maria Merrick born 23 Apr 1842 possibly buried in the workhouse 28 Apr 1842

Whilst still married to Matilda, Arnold was intimate with Anne Wilson resulting in two births,
1. Arnold Merrick WILSON born 4 July 1837 He traveled to Port Phillip Bay Geelong on the ship Tasman leaving 12 July 1849. He was only 12 years old. He met up with his uncle John Foliot Chandos Merrick (who had recently married Louisa Keats Martin in London) in Geelong. John and Louisa sailed from London at the same time in July 1849 on the ship Travancore bound for Geelong. John was the youngest son of Arnold and Margaret Merrick who had to present his baptism cert in order to receive 10 pounds inheritance from grandfather John Merrick who was buried at Kingstone 5 Apr 1825 aged 88 years. Young John F C was baptised at the age of 17 years on 15 Nov 1827 at Llanvihangle Crocorney Wales where his parents Arnold and Margaret were living.
2. Herbert Merrick WILSON born 12 Oct 1839 and baptised 22 January 1840. The register records the father as Arnold Merrick which was crossed out. Herbert emigrated to South Africa probably 1858 and died at Kimberly Hospital Sth Africa 3 May 1910. Death register shows he had not married nor had issue.

The third child to Arnold and Anne was Annie Sophia Merrick born 31 May 1846 just 3 months after his second marriage to Anne on 9 Mar 1846 (first marriage to Anne was 14 months earlier on 12 Jan 1845). Conception would have been around 31 Sept 1845 well prior to the burial of Matilda on 21 Feb 1846. Annie and her mother Anne immigrated to South Africa in 1860. Annie age 19 married George Plowes 45 yrs on 3 Aug 1865 at Durban South Africa. Anne Merrick nee Wilson died in Durban South Africa 9 Sept 1888.

Arnold married thirdly to Priscilla Mary Duffield 26 July 1848 Oxford England and had 3 children whilst still married to Anne Wilson.
Henry Duffield MEYRICK born 23 Dec 1848
Hubert Arnold MEYRICK born Oct 1851 died 1872 age 21 years
Mary Frances MEYRICK born 16 Nov 1853 and died aged 7 weeks.
I believe it was the butler Arnold MERRICK/MEYRICK who had 3 children with Elizabeth possibly CHAPPEL but only circumstantial evidence. Mary Ann Chappel born 10 Nov 1831 buried 17 May 1833, Sarah Merrick born 20 March 1833 buried 27 July 1834 and William Chappel Merrick born 7 May 1834 and christened with his sister Sarah at St Alphage Greenwich on 30 May 1834.

That makes 15 children to 4 women and only 5 made it to adulthood. Only one stayed in England, 2 to Aus and 2 to SA. I have found what I believe to be the death certs for the butler’s parents.
Looking for any Merrick/Meyrick connection to an estate/property/locality called Wormhill parish Madlay County Hereford.

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