Arnold Merrick (General)

by Chewton @, Monday, August 10, 2020, 00:53 (106 days ago) @ Peter Preece

In reference to the comment that the 1851 census at Leominster showing John, Pricilla and Ann aged 4 Merrick is correct I have a different view.
I have Ann Merrick 4 living at 9 Duke St Marylebone London with her mother Ann, dressmaker, Margaret step dau, Herbert son, Arthur Haworth, child of Susanna Haworth friend of Ann, and Anna Walton 20 daughter of Susanna Walton nee Merrick sister of Arnold the butler. No surprise that Arnold was not with Ann and the kids. He was residing at Hall Place as a butler for the Gilbert-East family near Maidenhead. He had another wife, Pricilla living in a near by village of Burchetts Green with first born Henry and pregnant with Hubert.

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