Arnold Merrick (General)

by Peter Preece @, Thursday, November 14, 2019, 13:08 (378 days ago) @ kandi

Re the Merricks.

Please be aware that there are at least 4 or 5 Arnold Merricks alive during this period-mid
1800s, in or from Herefordshire.
Arnold Merrick married to Margaret Baugh in 1789 had a son Arnold Merrick born 1804 at Thruxton
This Arnold Merrick married 1845 to Anne Wilson bpt 28.05.1818.Her father was George Wilson sea captain. Arnold describes himself as a widower. A year later in 1846 Arnold and Anne marry again but at a different church. He again describes himself as a widower.

Anne Sophia was born two and a half months after this marriage. She was baptised in London 10 months after her birth.

I think that the Ann Merrick shown as a visitor in the 1851 Census
to John Merrick and Priscilla (nee Preece) in Leominster is correct.

Arnold had another marriage in July 1848 to Priscilla Mary Duffield, Again he describes himself
as a widower. At about this time he changed the spelling of his name to Meyrick. This marriage
appears to be bigamous as Ann Wilson was still alive.

On Ancestry Family Trees there is a good tree that shows that Anne Sophia and her mother emigrated to South Africa.,

I hope that this will help.

Regards Peter Preece

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