Joseph Davis Marriage to Elizabeth ????, of Much Marcle (Parish Records)

by Swadbrummie @, Saturday, February 29, 2020, 10:23 (1598 days ago) @ Jefff

Hi Jeff, and amazing information. I cannot thank you enough for all the time you have put into doing my family descendents. I had given in at 1804, gt gt grandfather, William Davis, Baptised Sollers Hope. Luckily was given a number of a distant relative, who's 88, done my mom's side for 20 yrs. 6000 on his tree all over the world. He's struggling now with health, wished I'd known about him earlier. He had found William had brothers Peter and John, both born in Herefordshire, Bromyard. Found their parents Peter and Elizabeth Mary. I only looked a few days all the info he had done, he said search engine, roots?
Says Peter bwas born 1773 at Ochle Pychard but Baptised as we know 1777, Much Marcle. Also states he was also known as Peter Davies. That's as far as he got, but with your great research Joseph Davis fits in, brilliant. Peter jnr moved to London and died there. You experts are way passed my level. Just looking at the site, think I can copy and paste what I've got Jeff? Won't bombard you with info, very grateful for your time and help, regards, Keith

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