Joseph Davis Marriage to Elizabeth ????, of Much Marcle (Parish Records)

by Swadbrummie @, Monday, March 02, 2020, 10:46 (1606 days ago) @ Jefff

Hi Jeff, thank you for getting back to me and all the info, appreciated. Strangely the distant relative who's helped me is also a Jones, he had same problem with his surname. He is linked to my mother's side, and I didn't need to do any research that side. He had done 20 odd yrs research and The tree is on Ancestry. He is lucky and can afford worldwide membership, I cannot. Like you free trials and free family search which is brilliant. I did get a copy of William Davis baptism, which was 1804 and Sollers Hope. I know he wasn't born there, I think Burley Gate again Herefordshire. He was a Blacksmith so maybe his dad was? He died in Evesham 1877, have visited his gravestone. Passed away in The Royal Oak, Evesham. I didn't realise until latter that his son was landlord. William married Sarah Ryland in Bengeworth, Evesham. I'm trying to work out Jeff how I can copy and paste with the early information he collated for me. Might make things a little easier for you and anyone else who can help?
I'm sure he had put The Davis tree on Ancestry for me and maybe family search. I will try and look and find out. I certainly think Peter was Williams father and I think your correct with Joseph. Especially with his baptism in 1777 at Much Marcle. You have then dug out the rest of the family which is great. I just don't know how to copy info on to here Jeff. Thank you for your ongoing help and research, regards, Keith.

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