Joseph Davis Marriage to Elizabeth ????, of Much Marcle (Parish Records)

by Swadbrummie @, Monday, March 02, 2020, 11:48 (1596 days ago) @ Swadbrummie

Hi Jeff, have been on family search, have found what my Bob Jones has put on there. William Davis Born 1804, Burley Gate, Herefordshire. Wife, Sarah Ryland. Parents, Peter Davis and Elizabeth Preece. Click on Peter Davis, brings up sources and confirms 1777 Nov 30th confirms Joseph and Elizabeth as parents. So that's the first time I've managed to see that or find that info thanks to Bob and yourself.Your much better than me at using or how to use indexes etc. I lose my patience after so long. I'm pretty sure we have the correct info. A big find, tying in Peters Siblings and Joseph. Looks like they were from Much Marcle. Gap in his birth and baptism, but not uncommon. Regards, Keith. P. S. So Bob has put info on Family Search.

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