Joseph Davis Marriage to Elizabeth ????, of Much Marcle (Parish Records)

by Swadbrummie @, Monday, March 02, 2020, 11:59 (1604 days ago) @ shepway

Mike, thanks so much, brilliant help. I knew Bob had put it on there but atm no subscription. Need a free trial somehow. So he's put The Davis tree which is mine plus his tree which would be Leech. Also mmy late mom's, Maddock? He's 88 and was only given his number 18 months ago. Clever guy, been in hospital for 6 weeks with pneumonia then he broke his leg in there. Back home now, have kept in touch with him. Helped me Alot, I know he's itching to get back to his tree. Really kind of you Mike, Jeff's been a big help. Still some decent folk about. So if I go on ancestry, it's under Bob Jones tree not Davis? I havnt bothered him regarding ancestry he's got enough to cope with. I carnt find a way to put details on here. Need son in law to maybe show me. I can see there's an image and flash. I could hopefully get on ancestry and get the tree and copy it or print it. Think what Jeff's found is spot on just needed more info. I got stuck at William Davis 1804 for three yrs. Thanks again, Keith Davis.

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