Thomas Gwinnett marriage to Hesther Morrice 1743 (Parish Records)

by Susan_King @, Tuesday, October 27, 2020, 22:04 (1300 days ago)


I am new here, so please forgive any posting errors. (I have read the guidelines, though.)

I am looking at the transcription of a parish record for this marriage in Tirley. I was hoping to find a marriage of Thomas Gwinnett to a Hesther ??? about this time in Barnwood, but I see that Tirley is close by. (I was looking to determine the maiden name of the Hesther he married before their first child was born in 1744.)

The transcription here reads that bride and groom residences are "Barnard".

Can anyone tell me where "Barnard" is? Is it possible that "Barnard" is actually Barnwood?

Thank you for your consideration,

Susan King

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