Thomas Gwinnett marriage to Hesther Morrice 1743 (Parish Records)

by Susan_King @, Monday, November 02, 2020, 00:08 (1295 days ago) @ Bethany

Hi Susan

This is definitely the marriage for Thomas Gwinnet(t) of Barnwood and Hester Morrice (sometimes Morris). I do not know why they married at Tirley. There was an earlier Gwinnett marriage there in 1674 but not with a direct ancestor of Thomas. Thomas was a victualler.

I run a Gwinnett One-Name Study so have a lot of information on the Gwinnetts. If you need any help, contact me on

Wow, fabulous! Thanks for the confirmation and also the offer of assistance, as well as introducing me to One-Name Studies which I had never heard of!

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