Thomas Gwinnett marriage to Hesther Morrice 1743 (Parish Records)

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This message is about another source which sometimes provides information to help with finding out more detail of where an Ancestor lived in the UK. I am still learning how to get the most out of it so you will have to forgive me if i send you up a deadens.

This is the Tithe Apportionments Data Base for Gloucestershire. My limited understanding is that in the 1830/40's in Britain laws were passed which would allow the "Tithes" to be paid on land by cash rather than by crops etc as was the practice historically. To achieve this new Tithe Maps were drawn up showing every plot of land together with improvements where this would apply. The apportionments are the written lists of landowners and occupiers for those plots together with a description and a plot number which can be used to find the plot on the Tithe Map. (The Tithe maps are found on Know Your Place- Gloucestershire which i described in my previous message. Note that the Tithe maps do not appear for all areas of Gloucestershire. This is the case in the example i am using today)
When you log in to the above link you should see a page where on the right hand side there is a link "Tithe Apportionments". Click on this and it should take you to a search page.
Enter "Gwinnett" into the occupier box and hit search.
You should then get two Gwinnetts. Both of them outside the Forest of Dean.
The first one i have used as the example and this should hold for any searches you do for your Morrice/Morris forebears in Barnwood.
Plot No. 848 ,George Gwinnett, Cottage and Garden 1 rood 18 perches with Mary Lamb as the owner.

Next, a search of "Know your place-Gloucestershire" will give you an OS Map for the 1840's and later but no tithe map.

I searched George Gwinnett of Stroud in the 1841 Ancestry Census and found he was 70 and lived with his wife and others in the area. he house he lived in was hard to read completely so go to page one of the Census enumerators report. Luckily in this instance there are only 6 pages. The description of the area covered in the Census report gives a few names of houses etc to look for on a map.

Remember that good spelling wasn't a strong point in Britain in those days. Also, Census information was collected on foot and the enumerator often followed a logical path which can sometimes be followed on a map of the area surveyed/published as close as possible to the date of the information you are working on.

This search is a bit tricky to find on the OS map.

What you will be looking for is "Mackhouse" where George Gwinnett lived in 1841. (Is doesn't exist today unfortunately).
It was on the bottom edge of "Mackhouse Wood"
North West of "Chambers Farm" (A listed building)
North of "Quarhouse" (from the Census Report)
South East of "Lower Lyppiatt" (Lower Lyppiatt Tithing from the Census Report)

On "Know your place- Gloucestershire" if you use the most recent published map, and search for "Toadsmore House" (as Chambers farm is now known) Brimbscombe, Stroud. you should be able to find it and then use an early OS map as comparison on your split screen.

If you are interested in more details about the areas your Ancestors lived and their neighbours there are at least a couple more sites i can suggest which have heaps of information which can sometimes be of help. Let me know if you want the details.

Remember the above process can be applied to almost any ancestor and area to locate more information.

Good luck with your search and have fun. I hope that after all this, he is one of your Ancestors.

Sid Toomey

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