Question concerning the Skipp family (Urgent)

by Michael Stahl @, Spiekeroog and Oldenburg, Germany, Thursday, January 04, 2024, 13:22 (105 days ago)

Dear All,
Please excuse me for this maybe a bit „different“ topic and request.
While researching about the Skipp family I stumbled across this forum and found that this family has been the subject of discussions here before, so I hope to maybe get some answers to old questions.
I am the grandson of Charles V. Skipp who appears to have served in the British Services after WW2 and was stationed in Germany where he met my grandmother, Ingeborg Adler. Unfortunately, I have not much information about my grandfather as my grandmother didn‘t talk about this topic due to many reasons. The only information I have, is that my grandfather was born in (or around) 1890 and seems to have died in (or around) 1989. My father, Thomas Harold, was born in 1948. I will turn 50 this year, studied English and biology and work as a teacher in Germany. I am married and have two teenage daughters.
I have tried to find information on my grandfather now for years and hope that this topic will not be deleted by the admins, as I put a lot of hope in this request here as some members of the Skipp family seem to be around here.
Hoping to get some information and maybe find some family members, I am sending best wishes for 2024 to everybody.
Kind regards, Michael (Stahl)

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