Question concerning the Skipp family (Urgent)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Thursday, January 04, 2024, 15:09 (104 days ago) @ Michael Stahl

Hi Michael, welcome to the forum.

Are you certain that you don't have any more information about the people you mention - every little helps ?

For example, yes the SKIPP family has been the subject of some threads on the forum in the past, especially within the Ledbury area just a little north of the Forest. I found this by using the forum search box, but at first look I cannot see any obvious mentions of the people you mention. Please, did you find a prior thread that seemed particularly relevant to your family ?.

Regarding your Grandfather Charles, as a starter the FreeBMD website is a quick and easy site to use and gives good coverage across all the UK, and is free to use.

From this we find the following death record - the site contains BMD records for several "Charles Skipp"s, going back to 1837, but only a couple for "Charles V Skipp", namely;

Surname Given Name DoB District Volume Page Reg. No. Transcriber
Deaths 1988

ie, Charles Victor Skipps death was recorded in the district of Birmingham in 1988, and his brithday was recorded as being 22nd June 1897.

This information matches the only other "Charles V Skipp" record off that website;

Surname Given Name District Volume Page Transcriber
Births Sep 1897
Skipp Charles Victor Royston 3a 569 shan57

(The "Sep 1897" refers to the quarter the death was registered, so sometime during July/August/September of 1897. It was the duty of the parents to visit their local office to advise of an event after it had happened, and not unusual for a birth to be recorded a while after the actual event, so in this case probably sometime in July as befits a birth in late June).
The Royston District is an area spanning three counties, see here.

Excellent as the FreeBMD website it, it only searches for, and gives records for, against the exact information entered into it's search boxes, so it's not great at offering slight spelling variations. I can easily imagine the SKIPP surname to be accidentally spelt as "SKIP", so re-searching the site for Charles SKIP" gives just the one record in the whole of the UK.Given it's in Royston, I wonder if that record is an ancestor of your Charles Victor, possible even his parents of your Charles Victor ? - need to look him up in the census' to perhaps confirm this.

Surname First name(s) District Vol Page
Marriages Sep 1870 (>99%)
Geaves Mary Royston 3a 333
Gutteridge Catharine Royston 3a 333
SKIP Charles Royston 3a 333

Needs more researchto identify which lady is Charles' bride, and whether they are related to Charles Victor.

At this moment it's hard to see any obvious links to the Forest of Dean area in west Gloucestershire, but who knows ?.

Hoping 2024 brings you good luck and good news in your continued searches.


Later update - oops, it seems Slowhands has been looking at this query at the same time I was. Sorry about that, I'll leave you in his capable (and far from "Slow) hands.

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