Question concerning the Skipp family (Urgent)

by Michael Stahl @, Spiekeroog and Oldenburg, Germany, Thursday, January 04, 2024, 15:24 (191 days ago) @ Jefff

Dear Jefff,
Thank you so much for your long and detailed reply. This definitely helps a lot!
Unfortunately, this really IS the only information I have. Because of that, actually all Threads regarding the Skipp family are relevant or at least COULD be relevant for me.
Thanks a lot for the link to the freebmd website. I will check on that asap.
Also thanks A LOT for the info on the two Charles V. Skipp you found on the web. I hope that by combining the infos here (and maybe finding family members living in the Forest of Dean area), I can find out about my British family.
Concerning Forest of Dean, we plan to visit next summer, when we will bring our Land Rover „Home“ (it has been our home for more than a year when we traveled from northern Germany to Cape Town in 2015/2016) and travel Britain (also the „place“ where my wife and I fell in love and got engaged) … So, we will travel back to our roots in many ways and for sure will visit Forest of Dean (our daughters being absolute Harry Potter fans is just one reason).
Again, thanks for your help (and also for not deleting this thread ;-) ).
All the best, Michael

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