Question concerning the Skipp family (Urgent)

by Michael Stahl @, Spiekeroog and Oldenburg, Germany, Saturday, January 06, 2024, 09:14 (101 days ago) @ Michael Stahl

Thank you so much @Jefff and @slowhands, you have been an immense help and put many lost pieces of my family puzzle together again! One „piece“ I would like to share here: years ago I stumbled across a certain „Victor Skipp“, artist, local historian (I tried to insert the Wikipedia link here, but that didn’t work), who I guessed he might be a relative, maybe my father‘s half brother, son of Charles Victor Skipp. I contacted one of the artists he seemed to have collected artwort from, Linda Karshan, and she kindly sent me some info on Victor, but sadly didn‘t have info on his family… Yesterday, with your help, I found out that I was right. Life goes funny ways … deeply thankful, guys!

For Victor Skipp, local historian in the Birmingham area (in case you‘re interested), see this link https:// , this link https:// … and see https://

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