Rosa Ann Thomson nee Moody c 1867 Did she Die? (General)

by Paul Andrews @, Shropshire, England, Sunday, April 01, 2012, 10:37 (3019 days ago) @ m p griffiths

1911 Census RG14PN15247 RG78PN922 RD324 SD1 ED5 SN6

Lines one and two of the return are blank.
Line 3: Violet Winifred Thomson/daughter/22/single/House Keeper to Father/At Home/Newent Gloucester/English
Line 4: Poppy Vera Thomson/daughter/16/single/Scholar/At Home/Newent Gloucester/English
There are no other people recorded.
The property had nine rooms.
The return was completed and signed by Violet Winifred Thomson.
Postal Address: Southend, Newent Gloucester.

1911 Census RG14PN15293 RD325 SD2 ED14 SN9999

The Royal Infirmary, Gloucester

Thomson, Henry/Patient/Married/M/54/1857/Cider Merchants Manager Private Company/Gloshire Newent

1911 Census RG14PN14853 RG78PN901 RD319 SD1 ED28 SN35

7 Lower Church Lane, St Michaels, Bristol

Isabella Thomson/Daughter/25/Married/1/1/1/At Home/Bristol

Isabella Bowle/Thomson is living with Thirza Anne Bowle (her mother), siblings and nephew. The return states that Isabella has one child which is still living. Isabella's child is not on this return.

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